Saturday Supercade is an American animated television series produced for Saturday mornings by Ruby-Spears Productions. It ran for two seasons on CBS. The series based on several arcade games, including Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Frogger, Q*bert, Pitfall!, Kangaroo, and Space Ace. Each episode is approximately one hour long and comprises four shorter, self-contained segments based on one arcade game each.

The series marked the animated debuts of Mario and Donkey Kong, respectively. Predating Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! by three years, Saturday Supercade marked the first animated adaption of any Mario-related series.


Donkey Kong[]

Similar to the premise of Donkey Kong Circus, the introduction to the Donkey Kong segments show that Mario apparently owned the circus along with his animal trainer Pauline and the star of the show, Donkey Kong. However, the gorilla escaped and made his way down a dock on a motorcycle, pursued by Mario and Pauline in their circus van. Exiting the van, the pair gave chase on foot until Mario slipped on a Banana peel laid by Donkey Kong as a trap. The tables turned, the pair fled from the approaching ape. However, Mario and Pauline quickly resumed pursuit with a net and followed him up the stairway of a building. Their resultant chase is outlined in the Donkey Kong segments.

Most stories had the trio happening on crime, with criminals usually involved in schemes involving theft, fraud, and deceit. Often, the crooks would realize Donkey Kong's slow-wittedness and try to get him to do their dirty work, but in the end, Donkey Kong would either realize the truth himself or Mario and/or Pauline would reveal the facts to the ape, and in the end, the bad guys' plot was foiled. The chase then continued.

Donkey Kong Jr.[]

Outlined in the introduction to the Donkey Kong Junior segments, Donkey Kong Jr. traveled from the jungle to Mario's circus to see his father, Donkey Kong. Realizing that his dad has escaped and without means of finding him, Donkey Kong Jr. is reduced to tears. Bones approached Junior and consoled him. After hearing his story, Bones suggested they follow after Donkey Kong in his motorcycle. Overjoyed, Donkey Kong Jr. joyously yelled his catchphrase, "Monkey muscle!" and took the drivers seat. With Bones in the sidecar covering his eyes, the two sped off on the first of their adventures which are outlined in the Donkey Kong Junior segments.


Donkey Kong[]

Season 1[]

  • Mississippi Madness
  • Gorilla Gangster
  • Banana Bikers
  • The Incredible Shrinking Ape
  • Movie Mania
  • Gorilla My Dreams
  • Little Orphan Apey
  • Circus Daze
  • The Great Ape Escape
  • Apey and the Snowbeast
  • How Much is That Gorilla in the Window?
  • Private Donkey Kong
  • Get Along, Little Apey

Season 2[]

  • Sir Donkey Kong
  • The Pale Whale
  • El Donkey Kong
  • New Wave Ape
  • Greenhouse Gorilla
  • Hairy Parent

Donkey Kong Junior[]

  • Trucknapper Caper
  • Sheep Rustle Hustle
  • Rocky Mountain Monkey Business
  • Magnificent Seven-Year Olds
  • The Ventriloquist Caper
  • The Great Seal Steal
  • The Jungle Boy Ploy
  • Junior Meets Kid Dynamo
  • The Amazing Rollerskate Race
  • A Christmas Story
  • Gorilla Ghost
  • The Teddy Bear Scare
  • Double or Nothing


Theme song[]

Well, Saturday Supercade, gather 'round,
We'll get your video friends together.
Yeah, Saturday Supercade, it's time for fun,
And no one else can do it better.
And it feels so right,
Because it's Supercade time!
Let's have some Supercade fun!
Yes, it's Supercade time,
Let's have some Supercade fun, fun, fun!
Come on, to Supercade time,
Join all the Supercade fun.
Yes, it's Supercade time,
Let's have some Supercade fun, fun, fun!
Come on, to Supercade time,
Join all the Supercade fun.
Monkey Muscle!
(Monkey Noises)
Let's have some Supercade fun.
(It's Saturday Supercade!)

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