Satorl Marsh is a huge swamp area located on the lower back of the Bionis in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is an ancient territory of the High Entias and the Giants that was left to ruin after the Giants went extinct and the High Entia settled permanantly in the upper region of the Bionis. The only intelligent life forms found in the region are Nopon merchants who often goes through the region when they want to sell their supplies to the Homs who lives in the lower regions. It is also the home of many tribes of Ignas, a sentient species who is generally hostile toward all other inhabitants of Bionis.

The Satorl Marsh is very foggy during the day but this is replaced by a brillant fog emaning from a giant Ether deposit located under the area. This also cause the trees to generate lights during the night.


The party reaches Satorl Marsh, guided by Dickson, as a way to reach the head of Bionis. Juju, Dickson and Otharon eventually leaves the group after they reach a High Entia ruin that serves as an entry point to access the Bionis' Interior.

After the reawakening of the Bionis, a group of fleeing High Entia land near the Sororal Statues, and will stay there for the rest of the game.

Landmarks and Locations


  • Kelsher Wetland
  • Nopon Merchant Camp
  • Crown Tree
  • Silent Obelisk
  • Glowing Obelisk
  • Sororal Statues
  • Statue Summit
  • Shining Pond


  • Lacus Swamp
  • Zaldania Waterfall
  • Poison Swamp
  • Altar of Fate
  • Barren Moor
  • Basin Cave
  • Nopon Refuge
  • Exile Fortress
  • Mauk Floodgate
  • Oath Sanctuary
  • Place of Judgement
  • Dark Swamp
  • Soter Ruins
  • Igna Territory


Normal Enemies

Quest-Exclusive Enemies

Unique Enemies




Name Requirement
The Shimmering Marsh Shulk and Dunban - Green Affinity
High Entia History Dunban and Melia - Cloudy Affinity
Atop the Crown Tree Sharla and Riki - Heart Affinity