Satomi Asakawa (maiden name Satomi Maekawa) is a former video game designer who worked at Nintendo. Before joining the company, she worked for a video production company for six years in Vancouver, and she also attended the DigiPen Institute of Technology (which was partnered with Nintendo).

During her time at Nintendo, she usually created NPCs and secondary characters on various titles, mostly on The Legend of Zelda franchise; some of her creations include Kaepora Gaebora and the Treasure Chest Shop Gal in Ocarina of Time, the monkeys, the Turtle and Pamela in Majora's Mask, the Piantas in Super Mario Sunshine, and the President and enemies like the Waterwraith in Pikmin 2. She said that her favorite characters to design were the "chubby" ones and characters with block-like heads.

She also worked in the boss animations of Wind Waker, and she was the main NPC designer in Twilight Princess, where she also did the voice of Beth. She worked on some other titles until February 2013, when she retired from the video game industry and set up a therapy business.

She is married to Toru Asakawa, a sound designer who also works at Nintendo.

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  • She was the Normal Nintendo Staff Ghost in Wii Maple Treeway in Mario Kart 7.

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