Sasha is a character from Mario Tennis: Power Tour. She holds the second rank in Junior Class singles and doubles at the Academy. She claims to do well under pressure, but she takes the game too seriously. Due to her inability to relax, she is stuck in the Junior Class. Her doubles partner is Sylvia. A small part of the problem may be Sylvia's apparent sensitivity to bright sunlight, but most of it can be blamed on the fact that not only does she take it too seriously, but she's only really motivated when it's time for the Island Open. Also of interest, Sasha and Sylvia, but especially Sasha, seems to focus too much on the player's doubles partner (at least in post-match speech) during the game, not recognizing the player character's talent (despite their pre-match claimes otherwise) until the player is in Varsity Class. She gets doubles and singles first rank, but has no interest in joining the seniors right away, much like Chris, but much unlike her partner Sylvia.

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