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Sam & Dan Games is a small group that makes games. They are best known for making Pokémon Tower Defense.

Games Made

  • Balloon Touch
  • Cannon Challenge
  • eTheater
  • Ninja-ja
  • Pokémon Tower Defense
  • Pokémon Tower Defense 2
  • Hero Tower Defense (On Hold)[1]
  • Creature Universe TD

Notable Games

Pokémon Tower Defense

Pokémon Tower Defense is an online flash game made by Sam & Dan Games first released for the Android on March 20, 2011 and later put online.[2] However it was later taken off Android.[3] In the game the player uses pokémon to fend off attacking pokémon or battle other trainers. It uses a level system where the player chooses a level, most of which have a part of the storyline and pokémon to stop from taking a target, such as rare candies.


  • Sam Otero
  • Dan Bell
  • Kevin Nelms
  • Bill Cass


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