Saltspray Rig is one of the maps found in Splatoon for Multiplayer. It takes place on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Seagulls fly by regularly and several points of the map have windsocks and billboards.
Saltspray Rig

Map Structure

The stage spawns you in the left top and bottom corners. The spawn points are elevated with a few paths. One path leads to a drop to a lower platform between the spawn points and the other leads to the central part of the stage. There are other points of exit where players land on paths between the two. Between those two parts of the map is a set of two lifts to the higher central platform. To the right of the central platform is a ramp to another platform where there's a swinging crane carrying a grate. This is useful for getting a high mobile vantage point. There are various crates and barrels to act as cover.

Splat Zones

Beta Elements

The map was originally an upward climb with the crane portion being the peak and the spawn points being the lowest point. There were two more cranes were in place in the North and South sides.


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