Sain is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is a knight of Caelin, and one of the cantons of the Lycian League. He and his friend Kent were sent by the marquess to locate his granddaughter for him on the plains of Sacae.


Sain is a jovial skirt-chaser of a knight who considers it his "curse" to be attracted to all women. Although he is a bit roguish, he is dependable and good-hearted. He was trained as a knight of Caelin along with his friend Kent by General Eagler, the knight-commander of Caelin. Sain and Kent were sent to Sacae on a mission from the Marquess of Caelin, Lord Hausen, to locate and bring back his granddaughter, Lyndis. While looking for information in Bulgar, the largest city in Sacae, the two knights have a chance meeting with Lyndis and the player. They escort her back to Caelin and help her defeat her granduncle Lundgreen, who had been poisoning her grandfather in an attempt to seize the throne of Caelin. In the aftermath of the attempted usurping, Sain is promoted to sub-commander of the knights.

It should be noted that Kent and Sain are a reverse of the traditional red and green social knight Fire Emblem archetype, where the red one is reckless and the green one is modest. Also, Sain and Kent are the reverse statwise. Sain is stronger and does not have low luck, and Kent is not as strong or lucky but has better speed and skill than Sain. The reason why this is reversed is because usually the red knight is stronger, and the green knight is faster and has more skill.

In a support conversation between the two, Sain hints that Kent has a crush on Lyndis. Sain then says that he also has feelings for her (as he does with all the ladies), but not only does he decide not to pursue her, he actually encourages Kent to declare his feelings to Lyn.

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