Saias ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is the illegitimate son of Arvis and Aida, as well as the grandson of Cowen, Victor and Cigyun.


Saias is a bishop of the Blaggi Church with a high position in the court of Velthomer and one of the greatest tacticians in the history of Jugdral. From his father, he inherited the blood of Crusader Fala and the ability to wield Valflame. He is kind and friendly to everyone he meets. As revealed in Chapter 22 of Thracia 776, Aida died protecting Saias from Manfroy, who sees him as a potential threat because of his Fala blood.

Some time after Mareeta falls victim to the Shadow Sword, Saias removes its curse and convinces her to get over fighting against Eyvel, since she was possessed. He also convinces her to accept the Shadow Sword because she must love all blades to be a true swordmaster, and it becomes Mareeta's Sword, a personal weapon for her. In Chapter 23, Ced gives the Blaggi Sword to Saias, who in turn passes it to Leif.

He appears twice as an enemy prior to his recruitment and his presence greatly boosts the fighting abilities of his allies, since he is very charismatic. If Ced is recruited during Chapter 23, Saias will leave Leif's army to travel to Blaggi Tower without giving his reasons as to why.

After the liberation war, his talent is recognized by Seliph, and Saias enters the service of Grannvale. He also greatly contributes to its reconstruction.

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