Saharah is a brown camel in the Animal Crossing series. She travels around the world trading carpets and wallpapers.


Animal Crossing

Saharah is a traveling carpet saleswoman. She comes to your town randomly, and you can find out if she is coming to your town soon by asking Officer Copper if there are any going-ons. She sells her carpets using a method called trade-ins. You give her a carpet and some bells, and she gives you a carpet of her own. Some of the carpets she sells are only obtainable by her.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Saharah now sells carpets and wallpapers because Wendell now sells designs. Instead of accepting trade-ins, she now asks you to deliver carpets and wallpapers to characters in your town. Once you deliver them all, she gives you a wallpaper or carpet you can't get anywhere else.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Saharah now accepts trade-ins again, but instead of giving her an old carpet and some bells, you must go around the town asking villagers for their old carpets and wallpapers. One or two villagers will have some, and once you give them all to her, she rewards you with a carpet or wallpaper only obtainable by her.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Saharah returns in this iteration again as special visitor. If you encounter and bring her to your house, she'l swap out your current wallpaper and carpet for a new rare one. You then returns outside to give you back the old wallpaper and carpet.

Super Smash Bros. series

Saharah appeared in the background of the Smashville stage and also appeared as a trophy and a sticker. The following is her trophy description in the game:


A trader who comes from afar to deliver merchandise. However, since she always forgets to bring a town map, she needs help making her deliveries. Once you've helped her finish all of her tasks, she'll reward you with a gift. Her unique way of phrasing is part of her exotic charm. It is a fine thing, yes?

Wii U

Traveling from a faraway land comes the wandering salescamel, Saharah. She's got wallpaper to paper your walls with and carpets to pet your cars with. That's kind of odd, actually... Maybe it's a tradition where she comes from? Either way, she brings many unique things with her when she visits.
  • Animal Crossing (09/2002)
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf (11/2012)


  • In the original Japanese releases, Saharah is a guy. Gracie goes through a similar gender swap.
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