The Sagittarius is a ship part found in Pikmin. It is one of the vital parts of the S.S. Dolphin and Captain Olimar is unable to leave the planet without it.

How to Get

The part is obtainable in The Forest of Hope where it is found towards a large lake inhabited by Wogpoles. Olimar need to use Blue Pikmin to build two bridges and reach the part.


Discovery Notes

"I've found my Sagittarius!

My son gave this to me as a present. It brings to mind vision of my son back home on Planet Hocotate. Oh, to be back there right now!"

Ship Log

"This was a gift from my son. He must be very worried about me..."


  • In Greek Mythology, Sagittarius is the god of freedom and fire, the Sagittarius constellation is supposed to be named after him.
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