​Safy ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is a seventeen year old priestess of Tahra, as well as the older sister of Tina. She is also the only character who is able to use the Hammerne staff.


Safy is a servant of Linoan, who sends her out to find people to help fight against the Grannvale Empire, which is invading Tahra. However, she is captured by Lifis and his pirate group. She can be later rescued by Leif in Chapter 2x if Lifis is captured before the fort was seized. In this scenario, she also convinces Leif to let Lifis join the army, unaware of his intentions.

After Leif escapes from Manster, Safy appears again alongside Finn during their attempt to save him. She can recruit Shiva in Chapter 7 after recognizing him from his brief stint as a mercenary working for Lifis's gang. She later reunites with Tina at the base of the Dandelion thieves and scolds her for rashly leaving their home. After the war ends, Safy returns to Tahra, where she dedicates her life to helping the needy and impoverished.

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