Safebuster is a multi-screen Game & Watch game released in January of 1988. The game was never released in Japan. The game's model number was JB-63. Worldwide Nintendo manufactured an estimated 500,000 Safebuster models. A pocket size version of Safebuster was also released in America and Europe. Safebuster also appears as an unlockable museum game in Game & Watch Gallery 4, albeit in Classic version only.


A thief is trying to blow up a safe in order to steal the money within it. The safe's guard tries to stop the bombs by disposing them to protect the safe and the money.


In this game, the player controls a man who must catch bombs. By pressing the left or right buttons, you can move the man in the direction of the pressed button. After catching them, he must move to the edges of the screen to dispose the bombs. However, he can only hold up to three bombs. If a fourth one is caught, it will explode instead, as if a bomb was missed.