Sacrificial KO's can occur in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. They happen when characters are about to die and they try to take their foes down with them, which is how these KO's got their name.


  • Kirby: Kirby can use his Standard Special, Swallow, to capture his opponent. Then, Kirby must walk off the stage with them inside him. Alternatives can be the up and forward throws.
  • Donkey Kong: DK can carry foes via his Kong Karry Forward Throw off the stage.
  • Ganondorf: By using his Side Special, Flame Choke, Ganondorf can drag his opponent to the bottom blast line with him. Note that this is risky since Ganondorf dies before his opponents do.
  • Ike: Ike has a rise and drop Up Special, Aether. He wins as long as his downward slash deals enough knockback to his foe. Another option has him use the Final Smash variation, the Great Aether, if the centre of the stage has no platforms (horizontal-wise).
    • Chrom has the same technique for his Up Special Move despite being Roy's Echo Fighter.
  • Robin: Robin can use his Down Special, Nosferatu, to drag foes to the bottom blast line with him. This is risky since his opponent can potentially recover while Robin falls helplessly to his death, since
  • Ridley: Ridley has a Side Special that resembles the technique that Ganondorf does. When he grabs his opponent, Ridley drags them forward. This can potentially cause a Sacrificial KO if Ridley and his target get to the side blast lines.
  • Incineroar: Incineroar can meteor his opponent with the meteor hitbox of his Up Special, Cross Chop.
  • Hero: If he performs his Megante technique, the Luminary can die. If the foe gets hit when the Luminary loses one of his stocks to this, this can be considered a Sacrificial KO if the foe suffers enough knockback to be sent to the top blast line.
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