Sabo, is one of the playable allies from the One Piece game series. He is a high-ranking officer of the Revolutionary Army and second-in-command under their leader Dragon. He is Luffy and Ace's adoptive brother as well as the son of Outlook III.

He was a noble from the Goa Kingdom years before the series' present, Sabo leaves his home and family to live in the Gray Terminal. After he and Ace befriend Luffy, the three of them become "brothers". At some point he joins the Revolutionary Army and becomes its chief of staff.

Having eaten Ace's power: the Logia-type Flame-Flame Fruit, Sabo is capable of manipulate, create, and transform into fire. His weapon is a metal pipe, used in conjunction with Armament Haki, making it effective in battle.



He stops Burgess from devouring the Flame-Flame Fruit and eats it, gaining the flame abilities Ace once had. He reunites with Luffy and together, they fight through Doflamingo's army in Dressrosa. After the battle, the brothers separate again.

Game appearances