Saber is a character in Dragon Quest V. He is a monster the Hero will always recruit, first as a cub then as a full-grown adult. He is a great sabrecat, a large sabretooth leopard monster.


Saber is one of the names that Bianca will suggest when he is recruited. He is first met in the first generation, where several children are seen bullying a small cat in Roundbeck. They grow tired when the kitten fails to react, and agree to give him to the Hero of he can deal with the ghosts in the area.

In gratitude, Saber bonds with the hero to become a party member for the remainder of the era. Bianca gives him an equippable ribbon before she leaves the party. After the Hero's defeat in the Coburg ruins, he and Saber are separated, and the sabrecub left to run wild, ending the first generation's storyline.

The two meet again years later as adults when the Hero is called on to save a village from a monster. Saber, now an adult, will not quite remember the Hero and is considered impossible to defeat with infinite HP, though he does not attack due to the hero's scent being familiar to him. The only way to end the battle is to use Bianca's ribbon on him, thus he will recognise the Hero and rejoin him for the rest of the game.

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