SaGa Scralet Grace is a role-playing game released for the Nintendo Switch. It is the first new entry in the SaGa series since 2002's Unlimited SaGa. The game follows 4 protagonists traveling across the remnants of a fallen empire.


The game is a turn-based role-playing game with the 4 different protagonists, each with their own scenario and followers with one of these scenarios being suggested by an opening quiz. The story is progressed nonlinearly with the completion of events in certain orders changing how the story goes.

The battle system is turn-based with character order on a timeline. Prior to starting a battle, the game will display the enemy type and the loot. The party's behavior is determined by the amount of behavior points which allow the character to perform different actions (with those that lack them having to skip a turn). There are 8 different weapon types with different attributes that affect how they fight and the effectiveness. Some attacks can push an enemy down the timeline, delaying their attack. There is a "Graces" system which the player uses a Grace in exchange for a turn that activates a party boon that can help the party or assist in attacks.

As with the previous SaGa titles, the player's skills are directly linked to using certain skills and weapons in battle. Using a skill more often will level it up and that skill will unlock similar skills as the player levels it up. Several skills are linked to certain weapons. Each character has both HP and LP. HP can be replenished in battle through skills or items but, LP cannot be replenished unless they are taken out of the battle, Once a character has no LP, they cannot fight but LP recovers at a rate 1 every 2 battles or be restored in towns in exchange for materials.



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