SURGE was once known as the proudest special forces team Blue Ridge City had. They were apparently in a South American country training anti-government guerrillas which had a reference to Columbia. And together, they were heroes who fought against tyranny. Then, one day, the US started to support South American government, and the order came down to wipe out the guerrillas. The SURGE team disobeyed the order, and soon the local government and the US forces surrounded them. As always, brave soldiers become victims of their own government who quickly stab them in the back. As the troops closed in, a nearby volcano erupted, and the entire unit was believed to be wiped out, along with all the guerrillas. The government need not get their hands even dirtier than before. It's obvious that SURGE wants revenge against the treachery of the United States government.

SURGE appears in the game Disaster: Day of Crisis.