SF-HiSplitter is an arcade game released in 1979 by Nintendo. The game is the direct sequel to Space Fever, with minor enhancements to make it somewhat worthwhile. Like the game before it, SF-HiSplitter is infamous for its immense similarities with Space Invaders. However, the similarities have dwindled compared to Space Fever. For example, the oncoming invaders are now twice the size they were before. When shot, they will usually dispatch into two of their regular invader size, though occasionally they'll blow up without doing so. Despite their less menacing appearance, having two oncoming enemies is more dangerous than having one large one, since their fire will be doubled.


The player controls a tank similar to the ones in Space Fever and of course Space Invaders. The ship can only move left and right. Four blocks guard the tank, though there are gaps in between them and the blocks themselves can be destroyed by the invaders' fire and your own fire. It is sometimes wise to create a gap in the blocks so that the invaders have a harder time shooting you, and then just shoot the aliens through that small gap that you created. At first, all the invaders will be twice the size that they were in Space Fever. However, when shot, one of two things may happen. They may split and cause two invaders to take their place, or they may be destroyed altogether. When two aliens take the place of one, despite the fact that they're smaller they're much more dangerous since they'll have double the power. Every once and awhile a UFO will cruise at the top of the screen. Shooting it will reward the player with more points.

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