Ninja gaiden

Ryu on the box of "Ninja Gaiden"

Ryu Hyabusa is a fictional character from the arcade beat em up, NES game trilogy, and recent reimagining on the Xbox, PS2, and PS3 all of the same name, "Ninja Gaiden." Ryu is a ninja that goes on a journey to avenge his father's murder, so he travels to the US to find out who killed him. When Street Fighter II came out the main fighters name was Ryu, so when the game came out around the same time as Street Fighter, everybody was confused if this Ryu was the same as the Ryu from Street Fighter II. To further be even more coincidental to this fact, Ryu's fathers name was Ken Hyabusa, which Ken was a fighter that had all the same abilities as Ryu in Street Fighter. Ryu returned on the Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, and PS3 in the new reimaginings of the original Ninja Gaiden Trilogy but instead of exploding into flame on the NES, or vanishing in the original beat em up, Ryu would slice people in half, cut thier heads off, and disembowell his enemies with bloody results. As of this year Ryu has appeared in over 8 games from 1988 to 2011.
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