The Russian Age Rating System (RARS; in Russian: Возрастная классификация информационной продукции) is used for all types of media (films, TV, video games, music, etc.) released in the Russian Federation. It came into effect on September 1, 2012.


(The descriptions below are from RAR's website, offering their judgement and definition of their ratings [1])

Icon Description
RARS 0+c.svg

The games do not include depictions of violence and do not confront children with any situations producing sustained anxiety.The atmosphere of children’s games often features friendly and colourful graphics. The more relaxed structure of the game does not put even young children under too much pressure to act. Game tasks are also appropriate for children.

RARS 6+c.svg

These games mostly involve family-friendly games which may be more exciting and competitive (e.g. via faster game speed and more complex tasks), such as racers, simulations, platforms and role-playing games.

RARS 12+c.svg

These games feature much more of a competitive edge. Game scenarios are set within a historical, futuristic or mythical fairy-tale context, enabling players to distance themselves sufficiently from events. This categorisation includes arcade games, strategy games and role-playing games as well as some military simulations.

RARS 16+c.svg

In games with an age of 16 and over, violent acts can already be more in the foreground, which is why they are clearly no longer suitable for children. Fights and violent clashes, however, are always framed by the plot or story. In multiplayer games, for example, this framing can take place through teamwork or athletic competition. The most common genres include action adventure games, shooters, open-world games, role-playing games, beat 'em ups and military strategy games.

RARS 18+c.svg

These games virtually always involve violent game concepts and frequently generate a dark and threatening atmosphere. This makes them suitable for adults only. The genres in this categorisation include first-person shooters and action adventures.