Russ is a character from the Dillon's Rolling West series and Dillon's trusty squirrel sidekick. He acts as the eyes and voice of the duo while Dillon is the muscle and image. Russ provides physical and emotional support for Dillon. On the game's official site, it was revealed that Russ had a hidden knack for inventions and that he's the one who made Dillon's radio to communicate with him. Russ usually fly above the field on his Helibike and alert Dillon when the Grocks are starting a raid. Russ collects and saves all of the money that Dillon earns. While you can spend all your money on gear and towers, Russ controls how much money will be spent. As the game goes on, Russ will reveal more of their past, one of which is that they never knew their parents.

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