N64 Rumble Pak.

Rumble Paks have been developed for both the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS. Rumble Paks are typically built into post-Nintendo 64 controllers.

Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak

The Rumble Pak was an accessory for the Nintendo 64 controller that caused it to vibrate when performing certain actions in games that supported it. The first game to feature this function was Star Fox 64. This revolutionary accessory added more interactivity to games. While this technology was not invented by Nintendo, their Rumble Pak led the standard for force feedback use in all game controllers to come after that, including those of the competition.

Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS handheld system also has its own Rumble Pak, Metroid Prime Pinball being the first game to make use of it. There is a smaller version of the DS Rumble Pak for the Nintendo DS Lite, as the GBA Port where this accessory is connected, is smaller on the DS Lite. You can get a Nintendo DS Rumble Pak that is bundled with Metroid Prime Pinball at your local retailers or at Nintendo's Online Shop. (at

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