Ruff is a playable character in Dragon Quest VII. He is a White Wolf that was turned into a human.


When the player gains Ruff as a party member in the beginning, he is unable to communicate because he was originally a White wolf. However, due to a spell by Hackrobat, he is able to speak

Ruff carries over traits from being a White Wolf, including agility and enhanced senses. He is a fast runner on two feet. He can also bite an enemy and paralyse them, however this was only shown after the battle against Hackrobat and not since.

He is constantly looking to eat. Should Auster talk with him, Ruff almost always asks for food. He also loves competition and fighting. He looks for any chance to prove himself.

Ruff doesn't understand complicated human behaviour such as courtship and tact. During the quest in Greenthumb Gardens, Ruff speaks of his confusion concerning Carraway and Lavender. At Alltrades Abbey, Ruff asks Eustace why his legs are so short. He appears to have a precocious crush on Jacqueline, as he becomes dismayed when the party returns to the present to find that an old man has taken her place at Alltrades Abbey in the present.