Rudy the Clown is the main villain of Wario Land 3, as well as Dr. Mario 64.


Wario Land 3

In Wario Land 3, he is mostly seen as a shadowy face in the temple that Wario first drops into when he enters the Music Box World. He claims to be the God of that world and asks Wario to find the five music boxes that restores his power. Wario obliges, only after being told he can keep anything he finds along the way. Once he finds all the music boxes, he reveals his true form as a massive clown and decides to destroy Wario, seeing no further use for him. Unfortunately for him, Wario defeats Rudy and peace is restored to the Music Box World.

Dr. Mario 64

In Dr. Mario 64, he is the main villain once again. He sends Mad Scienstein to steal Dr. Mario's megavitamins, to which Dr. Mario and Wario (who wants the megavitamins for his own greedy reasons) chase after him. It is revealed at the end of the game that Rudy has a terrible cold and only wanted the megavitamins to cure him. Dr. Mario does so and takes back his megavitamins.

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