The Rubber Band is the second member of the Legion of Stationery encountered and a boss that is faced in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Also called the Elastic Entertainer, he guards the blue streamer. As his name implies, the Rubber Band is made up of rubber bands.


The Rubber Band is fought in the Big Sho' Theatre, making his debut upon seeing Paper Mario survive his plays.. One of his attacks during his battle has him pull on Paper Mario to deal 16 damage to him. Paper Mario will also get knocked off his feet, but he will return in time to take a turn to attack the Rubber Band in retaliation.

The Rubber Band has a special defense tactic where he creates Rubber Band traps at random spots on the battlefield. Paper Mario will be redirected in the direction the traps point if he crosses their space, their function being to misguide him on his way to the boss. The best way to stop the Rubber Band is to land on the Magic Circle. Paper Mario must then use his 1,000-fold Arms to grab at the Rubber Band and tug on him. The closer Paper Mario is to his opponent, the more health the Rubber Band will lose. Eventually, the boss will lose all his bands, revealing his core, which is a single golden rubber band. This is his weak point. He can only attack in this form by snapping at the player. Paper Mario has to use a Magic Circle so he can use the 1,000-Fold Arms to beat the Rubber Band by grabbing him and shooting him into his own tent's walls, releasing all those he entrapped, though the monster will try to counterattack. The Rubber Band has around 400 hit points.

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