Rose's Thorns

Is 3ds rose's thorns.png
Icon of the Rose's Thorns skill in Fire Emblem Fates.

Grants adjacent allies +3 to damage dealt and -1 to damage taken.



Appears in

Fire Emblem Fates

Rose's Thorns (JP) (Thorn of the Rose in the German version) is a skill introduced in Fire Emblem Fates and is the Personal Skill of Camilla that deals 3 more damage points and receive 1 less damage point from enemy attacks, but Camilla herself wont receive any of the benefits.


Game Icon Effect Activation Capacity Notes
Fates Is 3ds rose's thorns.png Adjacent allies get +3 damage dealt and -1 damage received -- -- --


Fire Emblem Fates

Units Camilla


  • The damage value changes for this skill is the inverse of Lily's Poise, Elise's personal skill.
  • The skill is based on Camilla's alluring appearance, as well as her caring and brutal personality.
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