Rosalina's Ice World

Rosalina's Ice World overview.

Rosalina's Ice World is a track in Mario Kart 7. It is the 2nd race of the Special Cup.

Description and Layout

Rosalina's Ice World is a bitter, icy, nippy world taking place in probably Antarctica, northern Russia or Canada, Greenland, northern Japan or other cold planets. The road is made of shallow snow, highly resembling the ones in DK Summit and DK Pass. In the background, a green, muddy planet called Gateway. This highly highly resembles Cosmic Cove. At the start, there is a small town with sharp building and several igloo houses. The road is slippery and it's darker bluish-indigo. After exiting 'small town', there is a 360-degree turn with green ice void. The road turns into thick, blue-indigo snow rather than cyan-white snow. Icicles start to form under ice branches. After that, drivers must perform a trick on the edge to land safely on cracked iceberg. Failure to do this can result that your driver will fall into the freezing water, but this water is not lethal and it has several coins with few penguins. After going on the iceberg, there is a blue cave with solid-water pillars. These pillars can be shattered when playing Grand Prix, but in Time Trial, they are unbreakable. When facing against the pillars, there is one wide road divided into two roads giving your player two decisions: preferring left is wide, safe with three coins arranged in horizontal way, while the right one is very dangerous but it has three fire boosters and one Item Box. When exiting the cave, there is a bottomless green void which must be avoided. Also, there is a ramp edge where the drivers must perform a trick if they wanted to stay on the track. When drifting on the icy curves, head to finish.

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