Rosa was one of the most skilled Umbra Witch of her time and Bayonetta's mother. She was imprisoned for the birth of her daughter, birth causing the downfall of both her clan as well as the Lumen Sages. Rosa is only seen in flashback during the first game but is a part of the story of the scond one as well as a playable character in it.


In the Bayonetta universe Rosa is one of the two characters responsible for the destruction of the clans, her and her lover, Balder were accused of toppling the balance of the world by conceiving a child. The lovers would be greatly punished for this act: Rosa was thrown in jail for eternity and Balder was exiled from his clan. As a child Cereza would still have a good relationship with her mother despite the fact that she was in jail, Rosa is the one who gave her Umbran Watch to Cereza as a birthday present.Rosa is ultimately killed by Loptr during The Witch hunt while she was trying to protect Balder who was distracted by Fortitudo. In her last moment she tells Balder to promise her to watch over their daughter and passes away.


As an Umbra Witch Rosa is able to summon Demons,additionally her ability to use witch time is gretly enhanced by her contract with Madama Khepri.She is also able to turn herself in various animals such as a falcon,a tiger,a swarm of hornets and a cobra.Her weapon is called "Unforgiven" and is a set of four Revolvers.


  • Rosa's birthday is April 13, 1380.
    • Rosa was 31 years old when she gave birth to Cereza. She would die at age 51, twenty years after giving birth.
  • The name 'Rosa' is Latin for Rose
  • When Bayonetta shoots Balder with the lipstick, the writing on it reads "Balder and Rosa: With Love Until the End of Time". According to Hideki Kamiya in his commentary, the lipstick was a present from Balder to Rosa and hints at the depth of his deception in order to awaken Jubileus. However, this deception would later be shown to not be completely of Balder's own doing.
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