Ronimo Games is an independent video game developer founded in October of 2007. The company's founders are known for creating the original PC game de Blob, which was later ported over to the Wii home console. They are based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and their first title made under the Ronimo Games name is a WiiWare title called Swords & Soldiers. According to their site, they became a Nintendo licensed developer sometime in spring of 2008.

de Blob was very popular with consumers on the internet, and THQ quickly picked up the project with the permission of the creators. Co-founder Fabian Akker stated that the game was an eye-opener for them, and convinced them that they could indeed make a fun and exciting video game with their team of nine.

The company stated that they've always wanted to create an RTS video game, and with WiiWare their chance came, which resulted in Swords & Soldiers for the system.

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According to their website, they are creating various games for WiiWare and Wii exclusively. In the past, they have constructed various flash video games, which can be accessed by clicking on the external link below.

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