Ronan ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is a sixteen-year-old hunter from the village of Ith who joins the Fiana Freeblades in an effort to protect his village from raids by the Lifis Pirates. Despite having no previous combat experience, he asks to come along to help out in some way. He can be recruited by any character who visits the northern village, in Chapter 2, but before it is destroyed by the invading pirates.

He has some of the least characterization in the game due to his minor role in the storyline, as well as the overall lack of support conversations to develop his relationships with other characters and doesn't even comment when the leader of the pirates that was harassing his village joins Leif. Ronan has a strong sense of justice, which motivates him to leave his humble life behind and fight by Leif's side. He seems to cherish his mother, as he utters 'mother' in his death quote and returns to her in his ending.

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