Roll is a cute and very pretty robot girl who appears in the Mega Man series as his sister. She, just like Rock (Mega Man), was originally built for helping around with household chores and jobs.

Mega Man

Roll made her first appearance in Mega Man. She appeared to be Mega Man's sister who was unnamed at the time.

Her body palette swap is Mega Man's.

Mega Man 2

Roll made her second appearance in Mega Man 2. She appeared in every game of the series including the X series.

Other Media

Roll appeared as a beautiful and sexy young woman, instead of a little girl in the Mega Man cartoon series.

Super Adventure Rockman

Roll appears in the movie, Super Adventure Rockman series.

Mega Girl

She appeared in Captain N: The Game Master as a new character is the female version of Mega Man called Mega Girl. Just like in the games, she has blonde hair but her body is pink and white and only appeared in Happy Birthday, Mega Man.



  • One episode has one asking Mega Man, Proto Man or Bass to rescue Roll. This is a level in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters.
  • Roll's name along with Megaman's original name came from the type of music "Rock and Roll" (Megaman's original name is Rockman).
  • During the "Mega Man Chaos Protocal" event in Dragalia Lost, Roll appeared on the event-exclusive wyrmprints. Specifically, she appeared on the "Roll On" wyrmprint, alongside Mega Man, Dr. Light, and Rush.
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