• "Next time you wanna lay hands on me, you better make sure I'm dead."
  • "Beautiful!"
  • "Hey, check this out: "Whadda ya buyin'?" Hehehe, heard that in a game once."
  • "No matter how much you ask, I'm not puttin' a chainsaw on your arm. Now, what do you want?"
  • "You really wanna make a deal with the devil?! ... Relax, I'm just fuckin' with ya."
  • "You here for business, or pleasure? Either way, I'll hook you up."
  • "Hey, if you think you've got enough halos to afford it, how about you show me some love. With enough of those shiny little loops, I can get back to the real me, the old me. Let's get this party started. Shit's gonna get real.
  • "Another LP? Workin' me to the bone. But no need to pity me, I was bored anyways. Let me go whip some things into shape for ya."

Bayonetta 2

  • "Something's up. The balance of powers that keep things in check don't feel right, does it?"
  • "Diplomacy has failed. Thank goodness capitalism still has its place in hell. Let's do business."
  • "Being a demon lets me read minds... You're thinking, "Shut up and take my halos." Let's do this."
  • "Hey... Gimme a minute. I'm playin' this crazy game, and I gotta sprinkle some magic powder on a chicken... Alright. What can I do for you?"
  • "You got halos. I got items. Welcome to the foundation of a barter economy."
  • "The world famous Rodin's. Where demons and gunsmithing go together like chicken and waffles. Hehe... Sorry. I'm mad hungry. What can I do ya for?"
  • "Welcome to the Gates of Hell. We've lit our prices on fire, so there won't be hell to pay... C'mon. I gotta say some cheesy shit sometimes."
  • "This'll cost ya."
  • "Let's have some fun..."
  • "Time to let my hair out."


  • "Enjoy Hell."
  • "Abandon all hope, ye who fight me."
  • "Let the games begin!"
  • "I dont take requests."
  • "You try to run, waste of time though."