Rockkroc, sometimes called Rock Kroc, is a brown Kremling who plays a role as an enemy in the Donkey Kong series. It first appears in Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Rockkroc is also the only Kremling which does not appear or take a role in the Donkey Kong Country television series.

Appearances in video games

Donkey Kong Country

Rockkroc first appears in Donkey Kong Country. It is one of the most uncommon enemies in the game since it's exclusively found in a single level, Stop & Go Station.

Rockkroc runs repeatedly back and forth patrolling an entire area if the Stop & Go Barrels are on the "GO" setting. When Donkey or Diddy touch it, the either lead monkey is injured and then runs away. Rockkroc is dormant when the Stop & Go Barrel is activated to switch to the "STOP" setting. While it's dormant, it is unable to attack Donkey or Diddy, not even when it curls in a boulder. The "STOP" setting is only temporary and switches quickly switches back to the "GO" setting.

Rockkroc can only be defeated from Donkey's handslap attack in the Super Famicom or Japanese version of Donkey Kong Country if it's dormant during the "STOP" setting on the Stop & Go Barrel. This technique is also effective in the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country. This move may cause Rockkroc to drop banana(s) or an Extra Life Balloon behind.

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