Rocket Road is a board in Mario Party: Island Tour. The board is based around Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel. It is a rather short board with the main gimmick being the boosters system which multiplies the value rolled on the dice.



The board consists of 25 spaces composed of 7 Booster spaces. 10 Green Spaces, 5 Event Spaces, and 2 Duel Spaces. The Booster space gives an additional to a player for their next roll, even if they had just rolled a zero. Green Spaces do nothing. Some of the event spaces bring the player back.


The goal is to reach the end of the board. Every 3 rounds, a minigame is played giving the players Boosters according to their position in the minigame with the 1st place getting 3 Boosters, 2nd place getting 2, 3rd getting 1 and 4th getting none. The Booster multiply the dice value with the maximum being 4 Boosters which multiplies the value by 5x times. This is only possible by landing on a Booster space and winning the minigame. The board is automatically won whenever the number rolled on the dice is greater than remaining spaces (with a 25 winning every time due to the length of the board). However, the dice on this board have a 0 on it meaning the boosters can be wasted.


  • Rosalina makes a cameo at the end of the board
  • The board resembles Rainbow Road, the track that appears as the final course in every Mario Kart game.
  • Wii Party U has a similar gimmick-based board called Highway Rollers though that mode is much longer due to the board being much bigger.
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