Rock Rock Mountain (called Alpine Pass in the European states) is the fourth and final course appearing in the Flower Cup in Mario Kart 7.


Rock Rock Mountain takes place in rocky mountain or an alpine, hence the name. It's in beautiful sunshine with small forests, green grasses and yellow sand/soil. At start, the driver goes straight, but go on the right bend. The road is white sand and net material. Note that there is a shortcut on left. After that, drivers turn right into the cave. The only gimmick in the cave are Swooper birds and unbreakable rock pillars. When exiting the cave, the driver go straight. There is a blue gliding pad. Drivers glide in the air. But if you cancel the glider or when the player got hit by an item, he or she will go down and land on yellow soil. After gliding, there is another gliding pad. Same as previous one, except that there is a reddish-gray branch and it's more shorter. After gliding, the driver drift on the right turn. Note that there is highly obvious shortcut on far right. Then the driver go straight into the hilly mountain. The mountain is very high, and it's likely that the drivers will fall down. The only bad thing here is giant boulders falling down similar to the ones in Choco Mountain. But the only good thing here are fire-colored boosters. After facing great danger, there is another gliding pad which leads everyone to finish.


The music for Rock Rock Mountain is partially based on the Title Theme from the NES game, Mach Rider.

It's currently unknown who composed the music.


  • At the start, there is a ramp on the left with a small gap. Perform a trick on to avoid falling into pit of cloud.
  • Near the danger, there is incredibly conspicuous shortcut. It requires good items.

Names in other languages

  • Japanese: Rokku Rokku Maunten (Rock Rock Mountain)
  • Spanish: Mountana Roqui-Roque (Rock Rock Mountain)
  • French: Mt. Eboulis (Mt. Screee)
  • Dutch: Kampioensberg (Champion Mountain)
  • German: Gebirgspfad (Mountain Trail)
  • Italian: Monte Roccioso (Rocky Mount)
  • Portuguese: Passagem Montanhosa (Mountain Pass)
  • Russian: Krutoi Pereval (Cool Pass)
  • Korean: Rok Rok Mauntin (Rock Rock Mountain)
  • English (Europe): Alpine Pass
  • English (America): Rock Rock Mountain
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