Rock Mario Boulder

Rock Mario in his boulder form.

Rock Mario is one Mario's many transformations. It first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2. To get it, Mario must find a Rock Mushroom power-up. By getting the Rock Mushroom, Mario will wear a rocky suit. When the Wii Remote is shaken, he will turn into a large boulder, destroying anything in his path. If Mario hits a wall or any other obstacle, he will change back to his rocky suit, and the player must shake the Wii Remote again for him to turn back into a boulder. To stop being a boulder, the player must jump and press the Z button.

Super Smash Bros. series

Trophy Description

Wii U

If you're a fan of rock and rock, try picking up a Rock Mushroom. When Mario's transformed into Rock Mario, a simple shake of the Wii Remote can turn him into a big, rolling boulder, allowing him to plow through crystals and tough foes. The most amazing thing about Rock Mario, though, is that he can still jump.
Wii - Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 05/2010

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