Robotrek is an RPG that was released for the SNES in 1994. It was developed by Quintet and Ancient, being published by Enix.


Robotrek is able to stand out from other RPGs of the time due to its Pokémon-esque gameplay style (two years before Pokémon Red and Green were released in Japan). The main protagonist does not fight at all. Instead, he commands robots to fight for him. Robots are stored in a Poké Ball-like object. The player can create up to three robots. The player sets their stats, color, name, etc. All enemies can be seen on the overworld map, and walking into them starts a battle. Before acting, the player must wait for their robots' fuel gauge to fill up. One robot fights up to three enemies at a time. Switching robots costs a turn. After a battle is over, robots will earn 'Megs of Data' (experience points), and enemies will sometimes drop money on the overworld map.


Crafting items is one of the main game mechanics. Weapons can be created or strengthened through this process. Combining one weapon with another of the same type is one way to increase their power. Weapons will also gain levels.



Aggregate scores
Review scores
Electronic Gaming Monthly 7.4/10

Robotrek received unfavorable reviews upon release. GamePro said that the game "unsuccessfully tries to push the envelope of its genre [role-playing]".


Robotrek sold rather poorly in both Japan and North America. It sold about 65,000 units in both regions combined.


  • Robotrek's Japanese name, Slapstick, is a reference to its humorous tone.
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