Robobot is the powerful mech suit introduced in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Originally created by the Haltmann Works Company, Kirby manages to hijack one and pilot it himself. Like Kirby, it can suck in enemies and change its abilities.



The mech suit is very powerful. It can clear through enemies easily with its punches and just charging into them. It can also ignore spikes and can break bars. However, it does have limited vertical ability with shorter jumps and less jumps overall.

The armor seems extremely tough with health when wielded by an enemy to be similar to a mini-boss (in which case only the pilot is destroyed when depleted) and seemingly taking no damage very charging into hazards.They are now invincible though, with some hazards like the ones that push in from the background being able to knock out the mech suit's power


By scanning and absorbing certain enemies, Kirby can transform the Robobot into these different modes. In addition to different attacks, the modes have additional uses on the field similar to the Super Abilities from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

  • Beam - Fires a bouncing ball of electricity forward. Can power devices
  • Bomb - Sends walking bombs forward. They can be arced if the move is charged
  • Cutter - Fires a short-ranged projectile in the form of saws that return to the armor.
  • Fire - creates a flamethrower that has a short range as well as a flame trail when moving forward. Can set fuses on fire.
  • Ice - Giant turbines are on the mech's side and Kirby spins so the enemies freeze. They can pick up snowballs.
  • Jet - Allows the mech to have extended flight.
  • Parasol - Creates propellers in the shoulders that give the armor extra lift and the ability to hit enemies from below.
  • Spark - Similar to Beam, but fires a straight shot. Can power devices
  • Stone - The mech has giant fists to slam downward or push blocks.
  • Sword - A close-ranged slash attacks. The attack can cut large beams of wood.
  • Wheel - A faster mode in which the Robobot hits anything it comes in contact


In each level of Kirby: Planet Robobot, the player can find stickers. Stickers can be applied to either arm. There are over 200 in the game.

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