River City: Tokyo Rumble is a beat'em up in the River City series published by Arc System Works in Japan and Natsume Inc. in North America. It is similar to River City Ransom with RPG-like mechanics and doing jobs to learn new moves. It also features a 4 player arena and dodgeball modes that use download play.




Kunio, a delinquent student at Nekketsu High School, comes out one day to find his friend Hiroshi being beat up by students from Hanazono High School. Kunio confronts the students and learns that their leader Riki, Kunio's longtime rival and friend, was the one who gave the order. Kunio travels to meet Riki, who denies calling the attack on Hiroshi. The culprit is revealed to be Riki's subordinates, who declare that they have joined a new organization of gang students called "Tokyo Lion Alliance" that stands poised to conquer all of Tokyo.

Accompanied by Riki, a biker gang leader named Shinji, and the physically huge girl delinquent Misuzu, Kunio travels through Tokyo fighting the various leaders of the Tokyo Lion Alliance: masked muscleman Demon Lion, the deceptively dangerous girl boss Rouge Lion, and the powerful pair known as Twin Lions. They are also frequently brought to confrontation with Silver Lion, who used to be in Shinji's biker gang until he joined under the command of the Alliance's main boss. Ultra Lion.

Kunio confronts Ultra Lion and defeats him, but Ultra Lion is shot by the true masterminds behind the Lion Alliance: the Yakuza crime boss Sabu and his older brother Lee. Seeking revenge on Kunio for being defeated in the past, Sabu kidnaps Kunio's teacher Madoka and uses her to lure him to Hong Kong, where they have a final confrontation on a movie set. Kunio defeats Sabu and Lee, rescues Madoka, and returns to his hometown with his friends.


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