Ripple Star is a planet in the Pop Star system in the Kirby series, which featured in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Geography and locations

Ripple Star's geography is relatively obscure, but it appears similar to the planet Pop Star on the surface. The planet has breathable air, like many planets in the Pop Star system. It appears as a heart to an onlooker from a distance.

Ripple Star's most known location is the planet's capital city.


  • Ripple Fairy: These creatures are fairy-like humanoids that come from the planet and come from
    • Ribbon: This character is the most notable Ripple Fairy. Her name comes from how she has a ribbon in her hair. She is Kirby's love interest.
    • Ripple Star Queen: This fairy is the planet's (current) ruler. Despite her position as an authority figure, the Ripple Star Queen can be quite silly, similar to the Grand Duke from Cinderella. She does, however, care a big deal for her planet.
    • Six other fairies whose names and personalities are unknown currently.

Game appearance

During the intro cutscene of the game, we get a view on what goes on on the planet Ripple Star. Fairies frolic in the fields around the city, enjoying their time. Suddenly, Ribbon notices a dark shadow coming in her direction. She rushes to the castle to warn the queen, who sends Ribbon off with the Crystal. However, Ribbon finds her attempt to carry the crystal away botched when she is attacked by the Dark Matter force.

The Dark Matters then conquer the planet, causing chaos on the surface. However, Kirby, Ribbon, and their friends, King Dedede, Adeleine, and a Waddle Dee show up to set things right. The quintet defeats Miracle Matter. Upon his defeat, Miracle Matter surrenders the planet. However, Zero, having been reborn as Zero Two, does not admit defeat just yet. He goes into space and constructs his latest weapon, Dark Star. Kirby and his friends defeat Zero Two and destroy Dark Star, leaving as it explodes. Zero Two is unable to escape his own weapon's collapse, which kills him. Ripple Star is saved, and the fairies are liberated for real.

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