Riki is one of the playable and main characters in Xenoblade Chronicles. He is a fourty year old Nopon and father of 11 childrens from Frontier Village. He has the role of Heropon only because he owes "lots of monies" to the people of Frontier Village.

Riki is Oka's husband and has amongst his eleven children, two whose names are known. His daughter, Nene, and his adoptive son, Kino.


Riki is a Nopon with blond and orange fur, brown eyes, two small fangs in his mouth, a visible blush on his cheeks, and blond hair with red highlights at the tips. His default outfit is a sleeveless blue and purple jacket, a brooch-like red and light orange badge, and a brown backpack that holds his biter when not in battle.



Riki present himself to the party.

Riki was born 40 years before the events of the game. As he grew older, he eventually proposed to Oka who was so mad that she hit him but still said yes. The couple had ten biological children together including Nene. One day Riki came back home with an orphan named Kino and told his children that he would be considered their brother from now on. Due to his big family, Riki sunk more and more into financial debt and was nominated to be the heropon for a year by Chief Dunga. It is a function made for Nopons unable to repay their debt. In exchange for heroic services in the name of the comunity, Frontier Village promise to forget any debt.

Slaying the Telethia

Riki is sent to adventure for the sake of his children.

When Dunga overhear the conversation between the party and Melia on the topic of slaying the Leone Telethia that haunts Makna Forest, the chief propose to give them Riki as backup. Upon their first meeting, the party learn that he is only a hero because he has debts. Riki then tell them that he knows how to find the Telethia. He then eloborate by describing the tendency of a Telethia to hide near huge amount of Ether to heal in case it was hurt. Since it was the case for the Leone Telethia, the party head towards a gigantic Ether crystal deposit where they find and destroy the Telethia. Upon returning to the village, the party learn that Riki is a 40 year old married man who became indebted for the sake of his numerous children.

Following the party

Riki, Dunban and a sleeping Melia on one of the Fallen Arm's beach.

Riki is relieved to finally be free from debt but Dunga reveal that his children had continued to eat enormous quantity of food while he was away and he is still indebted. He then order Riki to follow the party as a representative of the Nopon in order to keep his children fed. Unlike the other characters in the party who have personal stakes against the Mechons, Riki is in it for his family and don't understand some aspects of the conflict. Riki is mostly content to follow his friends but on certain occasions during the journey, he display more foresight than most of the party.

He is the only one who recognize during the first visit to Prison Island that the High Entia ancestors are very similar to Telethia. Riki doesn't learn who Fiora is until the party realize that she is still alive. He however, is the one who give Dunban parental advice when the group is separated after falling from Galahad Fortress.

Defeating Zanza

Riki declares that Shulk is the real heropon.

After Zanza returns in the events of Mechonis Core, Riki and the rest of the party become the last line of defence protecting Colony 6 from Zanza's Telethia. The group reafirm to Dickson that they are ready to die for the chance to fight destiny when they are about to be overun but then Shulk awakes after his meeting with Alvis and uses his visions to defeat the Telethia. Just after the fight against Lorithia, it is revealed that Riki can hear spirits and that he is the only one aside from Melia who heard Kallian Antiqua's last words. Soon after, Riki declares that he believes that Shulk is the real heropon when fighting Dickson. Riki stands alongside the rest of the party when fighting Zanza and his will is integral for Shulk's decision to create a world with no need for Gods.

Epilogue and Future Connected

Reyn fishing with Riki and Juju.

In the epilogue, Riki is seen cheering Reyn up as he try to fish. When it fails and they both fall into the water alongside Juju, Riki then criticize his fishing skills before he is reminded by Reyn that he is the only one who will be in trouble if he doesn't have any fish to feed his kid. At which point Riki tries to force him to fish and they both fall back into the water.

Riki at Melia's coronation.

It is said by Kino that Riki at one point after the epilogue went on to found a rare berry that absorb Ether in order to invent the concept of a Nopon makeshift riffle following the Nopon tradition of never using metal if there is an alternative. This allowed physically weaker Nopons to fight without using a biter. Riki is not seen in Future Connected until the end but he is referenced multiple times by his kids. At the end of Future Connected, Riki is seen alongside the rest of the survivor attending Melia's coronation in the restored Alcamoth.

Xenoblade Chronicles


Max Level Max HP Max Physical Strenght Max Ether Strenght Max Agility
99 9,674 417 399 124

Notable gameplay particularities

  • each auto-attack hit adds 10% to his talent gauge
  • highest base health of all playable characters in the game
  • excels at damage over time; has the most debuff arts out of all characters
  • beneficial party skills in Happy Happy and Hero Time
  • can use auras to keep or remove aggro with Riki is Angry or Play Dead
  • can steal points, items, stats, etc. from an enemy with his talent art
  • his weapon type is the Biter

List of Arts

  • Yoink! [Talent Art]: steal something from an enemy, at first only items or stat boosts but later he can obtain XP and AP with skills.
  • Happy Happy: fills Party Gauge, high tension required.
  • Bitey Bitey: bleed damage, back-hit extends duration.
  • Sneaky: back-hit triples damage.
  • Play Dead: removes all aggro, no damage when feigning death, heal HP like when revived, subsequent use of physical arts increases damage. (one-time only)
  • Lurgy: poisons enemies in a frontal cone.
  • Hero Time: aura around Riki with limited range, prevents tension decrease, significantly increases a single stat for himself at random.
  • Roly Poly: 30% chance to force Topple, binds if Topple fails.
  • Behave: inflicts Paralysis, may remove Crazed, less effective with lower tension.
  • You Can Do It: heals targets in a frontal straight area, amount depends on the number of debuffs on targets. (battle members)
  • Freezinate: causes Chill damage to a single enemy.
  • Bedtime: sends all enemies around Riki to sleep, as well as Riki himself.
  • Tantrum: 3-hit combo, causes Break in a frontal cone on third hit.
  • Burninate: causes Blaze damage in a circle around Riki.
  • Riki is Angry: counters all non Talent Art damage with spike damage, which reflects 2, 4 or 8 times the damage.
  • Peekaboo: side-hit confuses Mechon.
  • Say Sorry: removes debuffs from enemy, but increases damage for each one.

Skill trees

Initial skill trees

Unlockable skill trees

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Riki is fought as a level 70 quest exclusive Boss during the twelfth and last wave of the "This Year's Heropon" challenge in the Land of Challenge. Like every enemies in this mode, Riki has no regular loots when defeated.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, Riki along with Dunban, appears in Shulk's final smash to perform a Chain Attack. He also appears as an assist trophy and has a trophy. As an assist trophy, he performs his many arts with various effects.

  • Happy Happy - raises the launch and attack power of all fighters
  • Freezinate - can freeze opponents
  • Yoink! - pulls items close to Riki
  • Bedtime - puts opponents to sleep
  • You Can Do It - heals all fighters
  • Roly Poly - makes opponents on the ground trip.

In Smash Tour, he is a blue item, meaning he can only be used on the board. When used, he draws in nearby fighters, items and stat boosts as the player walks.

Trophy Description

Riki's Trophy in the Wii U version

  • NA: A Nopon from Frontier Village in Xenoblade Chronicles. Despite appearances, this year's legendary Heropon is actually a middle-aged father of 11. If you summon him in this game, he'll use Arts to knock over your foes, freeze them, and even send them to sleep. Riki can also heal you, but if he does, he'll heal everyone else too!
  • EU: A Nopon from Frontier Village in Xenoblade Chronicles. Despite appearances, the current legendary Heropon is actually a middle-aged father to 11. Summon him in this game and he'll use arts to knock your foes over, freeze them, and even send them to sleep. Riki can also heal you, but if he does, he'll heal everyone else too!
Wii - Xenoblade Chronicles - 06/2010

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Riki comes back as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and works the same way he did in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Ultimate is also a game where the addition of the ability to KO assist trophies was added, Riki remains invincible however. Riki is also a Master Spirit that has its own dojo where he teaches the "Strategist" style.

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