Riev​ is an enemy character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He can also be recruited in the Creature Campain.


Once a revered priest of Rausten, he was cast out by Pontifex Mansel for heresy and worshiping the Demon King, Fomortiis. The fallen heretic priest would then become one of the strongest warriors in Grado; however, his true goal was to release the Demon King from the Stone of Grado. He is very loyal to Prince Lyon and acts somewhat like a caretaker, though it is probably due to Lyon housing Fomortiis' soul.

He is also known as Blood Beryl, and named one of Grado's two new generals (along with Caellach) for his sinister control over monsters and the undead.

During Chapter 6, it is shown that Riev has an aide known as Novala. He tasks him with capturing Eirika before leaving to complete "other work".

In Ephraim's route, it is shown that Riev created the "Phantom Ship" patrolling the waters west of Grado's capital. This ship had a large "crew" of monsters led by a Deathgoyle, and sunk any other ship they came across. Ephraim and his group encountered the ship and destroyed all of the crew with the assistance of L'Arachel and Dozla.

Despite the collapse of Grado's army with the death Vigarde and most of their generals, there were still remnants of the army that would continue fighting. Riev personally led the remaining remnants in an attack on Rausten to destroy the last Sacred Stone, and also to exact vengeance on Mansel for exiling him. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to get to Mansel or destroy the Sacred Stone and retreats to Darkling Woods.

At Darkling Woods, Riev is next to the corrupted manakete Morva with a large horde of monsters outside Fomortiis' temple to prevent anyone from interrupting him. He is eventually killed in the ensuing battle.

Riev is unlocked by beating the seventh floor in the Tower of Valni.

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