Ridge Racer 64 is a racing video game for the Nintendo 64 released in 2000. The game does not contain very many new tracks, but rather courses that were present in previous Ridge Racer games, as well as its own set of courses. Ridge Racer was licensed to Nintendo by Namco and the game was developed by Redmond based Nintendo Software Technology. Tracks called "Renegade", exclusive to the Nintendo 64. This is the first Ridge Racer game that is not released in Japan. In 2004, a remake called Ridge Racer DS was released for the Nintendo DS.


The game is a traditional racing game that consists of stages from the original Ridge Racer and Ridge Racer Revolution. The game's modes include:

  • Grand Prix: The main tournament mode. You cannot change the amount of laps for each track, and the number depends on the course. You can choose your car.
  • Quick Play: Play any single course you want to without the constraints of Grand Prix. Each course has three laps and there are 12 competitors in all including yourself.
  • Car Attack: Here you compete for enhanced vehicles.
  • Time Attack: Play against your own ghosts, trying to beat your previous time on any of the available tracks.
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