Ribbon Girl (JP) is one of the first ARMS characters to have been revealed, along with Spring Man. She is a pop idol in the ARMS world. Her jumping ability has given her the nickname, "The Airess". Her home stage is the Ribbon Ring.

Appearance & Personality

Ribbon Girl has blue eyes and blonde hair, both her hair and her arms are ribbon-like and has a pink mask on the top of her face, and she wears glowing dark blue earrings. Though she wears a dark red tank top and pink pleated stem stalk skirt with black short leggings and pink sneakers.

She is said to love singing and her fans.

Personal information

Here is her personal information according to the official website

  • Affiliation: Ribbonic Records
  • Height: 169cm
  • Weight: No comment
  • Age: 17
  • Hobbies: Singing, meeting fans

Official Bio

Hailing from Ribbonics Records, it's "the airess"! She can jump over and over without touching the ground, like she's dancing on air! If she wins the Grand Prix, she's promised her fans a championship concert in the ring!


While most characters are able to jump two times, Ribbon Girl is able to jump four times. Her ARMS are only charged by jumping if she does not use them for the entire jump sequence. She can also fall towards the ground faster after a jump by holding the dash button. This charges her ARMS as holding down the dash button normally would. 

Her default ARMS are

  • Sparky
  • Popper
  • Slapamander

Voice Lines

  • On a successful grab: "Ribbon-nado!", "Yeah!"
  • On KOing opponent: "Gotcha!", "Ribbonissa!"
  • On victory pose screen: "Ribbonissa!", "R-I-B-B-O-N!", "Love you guys!"
  • Losing by time out: "No fair!", "Ribbonasty!"

Names in Other Languages

The airess

Language / Region Name Meaning
Japan 宙を舞う ポップスター

(Chū o mau poppu sutā)

The pop star fluttering in the air
Dutch De popprinses

De sierlijke vechter (original trailer)

The pop princess

The elegant fighter

French La reine des airs

La combattant gracieuse (original trailer)

The queen of the air

The graceful fighter

German Die Luftgestalt

Die anmutige Kämpferin! (original trailer)

The air figureThe graceful fighter!
Italian La mitica pop star

La lottatrice aggraziata (original trailer)

The mythical pop star

Same as the French translation

Russian Звезда эфира

(Zvezda efira) Грациозный боец - original trailer (Gratsioznyy boyets)

Star of the aether
Spanish La estrella aérea del pop

Un dechado de gracilidad (original trailer)

The aerial star of pop

A paragon of grace

Czech Elegantní bojovnice! Elegant fighter!
Hungarian A kecses harcos The graceful warrior
Polish Wytworna zawodniczka Sophisticated athlete


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