Rhythm Heaven Fever (JP) (Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise in Europe) is a rhythm game released for the Wii by Nintendo in 2011 and 2012. It is Rhythm Heaven's sequel and the 3rd game in the Rhythm Heaven series.


The game is controlled via 2 buttons; the A and B buttons. There is no motion controls or anything else like that. Each minigame of the 50 minigames uses the two button different, sometimes at the same time, in sync with the rhythm of the stage.

The player plays through each minigame and after 4 minigames, there is a remix of those 4 minigames often played to a background song. The minigames get harder as the player continues. After the 35th minigame, certain minigames are redone harder versions of earlier minigames.

Perfecting minigames earns you prizes in the side coffee shop with toys that act like very basic minigames and some endless minigames. Some of these are based on minigames from the Japanese-only original, Rhythm Tengoku. The following page is the list of minigames in the game.

List of Rhythm Heaven Fever games


In addition to playing by oneself, a player can bring a friend and the two can play along in competition and cooperation in 8 minigames. Playing it in sync in combination with how sync with the other player gives you the most show. There are a couple additional minigames earned from getting medals on the regular minigames that are more competitive. 


The game was received generally well with a 83 on MetaCritic and a 81.72% on GameRankings and received a score of 32/40 in the Famitsu.

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