Praetor Rhadallis is an elder Indoline that lived during the Aegis War in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is the 107th Praetor of Indol and Amalthus' predecessor.


Rhadallis was Praetor when Amalthus came back from the World Tree with the Core Crystals of Pneuma and Logos. When Amalthus awoke Malos from Logos' Core Crystal, Malos started to refer to himself as a being born from divinity since he was directly created by The Architect. Rhadallis was here when Malos destroyed the Aegis, a reflection of the Architect's divinity, and took the title of Aegis for himself.

Rhadallis then promote Amalthus to the rank of Quaestor to reward him for his discoveries about the Architect. Malos goes rogue soon after and start to attack different Titans until he completely destroy Coeia in the year 3564. Rhadallis with the help of Mor Ardain create a cover up story for the demise of Coeia, its destruction is blamed on a armed expedition led by both indol and Mor Ardain.

Rhadallis is worried that the incredible power of Malos would leak to the general public, which would only create more chaos and warn Baltrich that he plans on blaming Amalthus if anything leaks. After the destruction of Torna, Rhadallis is poisoned by Amalthus, which allow the Quaestor to become Praetor once Baltrich is also removed from the line of succession.

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