Revali is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is also the Rito Champion and one of Link's allies, even though he considers himself his rival. He wears the same blue clothes as Daruk, Urbosa, Mipha, Link, and Princess Zelda. He was gifted with the power to create updrafts, which he named Revali’s Gale, to help him fly with ease. Revali is also a formidable archer, wielding the Great Eagle Bow, a bow that is normally too heavy for a Rito, implying that Revali has great strength. He returns as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.


Revali showcasing his proud nature when around others.

Revali is very prideful in his abilities and clearly exhibits an arrogant side to him, strongly believing himself to be superior to Link in every way. He is extremely sophisticated as he has an extensive vocabulary, and he is often well-meaning. Being quite egotistical, sarcastic, and known for being gruff at times, Revali is also relatively sensitive about his appearance, such as when in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, he will scream "My feathers!" when hit with a fire attack and got angry when he saw Astor's evil doppelganger version of him stealing his looks and talents. Revali is more vocal when it comes to his archery skills, and he isn't afraid to give out his opinions even if no one asked for it. His attitude towards Link often involves looking down on him, referring to him as "pathetic knight" or "little knight" and will often insult him right to his face, something which annoys Mipha, Daruk, and Urbosa, who often had to scold him for. Revali is very likely jealous of Link's chosen hero role, which he covets and thought himself to be more worthy than him.

Revali's suspicious of Link.

Revali is mostly calm and reserved, which is helpful in being more logical when coming up with battle plans and helping others get composed when they become worried. Revali is somewhat short-tempered, but instead of outwardly yelling and displaying physical aggression, his facial expressions narrow, and his voice tone becomes severe to let others know when he isn't pleased, shown when he scolded Daruk for telling him to search the forest from above even though it was too misty to see in every angle. There was a brief moment where Revali had actually lashed out, where he is caught in a scuffle between Impa and Terrako, and told them to stop it when they got too close; but he knows when he needs to leave and chose to get away from them to calm down and retain his dignity. Having grown up in a small village, Revali seems to prefer a decent comfortable lifestyle over anything extravagant, like ceremonies, uniforms, and titles as he believes it to be meaningless pomp due to his belief that true strength lies in working towards it. Revali is completely devoted to his friends and will look out for them when he needs to, and his goal in stopping Calamity Ganon, and Rito Village as he knew that everyone, including his home are at stake and he eventually puts aside his pride and vanity for the greater good. It was after Link defeated Windblight Ganon and freed his spirit that he developed more respect towards Link and expressed gratitude for avenging his death and go back to finishing what he started by getting Medoh into a firing position towards Hyrule Castle. After he had done so, he swallows his pride as he admits that Link truly is a better warrior but attributing it to his luck rather than skill and holds onto the hope that it holds up for everyone's sake.

Revali's vulnerable side is shown when alone.

As proud as he is, Revali is honest about what he thinks, but he's rarely openly honest about his feelings and dislikes sharing them with others. Revali doesn't express them often, but he is apparently feeling a heavy cascade of powerful emotions flowing deep inside of him. His confident exterior is only serving as a front to conceal the fact that he is very insecure of himself and his abilities and often pushed to greater heights to become better, often hurting himself as he did so. He was often praised by his tribe and looked up to by the Rito children. Being the center of attention and striving to live up to expectations on a regular basis often caused him stress and after winning an archery competition, he asked for the Flight Range to be constructed where he would continue his training in peace. Revali spends time in solitude to develop a skill where he can summon updrafts to propel himself into the air and was so determined to show the world that summoning an updraft was possible for the Rito to do, that he would continue to the point of experiencing exhaustion and pain. An interesting quirk about Revali is that he often berates himself when he couldn't get it right, but when Princess Zelda came to see him, he scolds her for eavesdropping and quickly brought his walls back up and goes back to being the overly confident person that everyone sees him; this shows that Revali never wants to be seen as vulnerable. The praise that he receives from others is something he often relies on to feel good about himself and revels in it to cope with his inner emotional struggles. When he learns that Calamity Ganon is returning, and the King is looking for warriors who will pilot the Divine Beasts, Revali saw this opportunity to prove his worth to the world, but it wasn't until he asked Princess Zelda about their plan of action, but instantly regrets asking this question when he received the answer that he will be assisting Link in defeating Ganon; to which he felt pushed into the sidelines and delayed his answer to get his thoughts sorted out and later accepts when she came to visit him again at the Flight Range; this began his contempt towards the chosen Hylian warrior. As Link remained so stoic and doesn't show emotion to the circumstances, Revali is unable to understand what he's thinking and even tried to get a reaction out of him, from having a civil conversation, to showing off his gale, and went further as to provoke him, but to his frustration, he failed at every turn, worsening his opinion towards Link and leaves for Medoh to find solace there. There was also a brief moment shortly after Ganon's seal breaks, where Revali looks at Link and Daruk tells the latter to head to Hyrule Castle before silently turning away, looking sullen and hurt. Revali struggles to understand those who aren't as talented as he is, in the case of Zelda who is still trying to awaken her power needed to seal Ganon away, and he tries his best to be as supportive and empathetic to her as he could.

Revali's vow to protect Rito Village.

Revali is a very responsible person who has a strong sense of justice, and ensures the safety of his village, and he cares deeply for it as well as his fellow villagers and despised seeing his home attacked and will go to great lengths to make sure it still stands and kept out of his enemies' grasp. However, there were times where it can sometimes cloud his better judgment such as the misunderstanding with Link and the party, as they had a Guardian named Terrako that looked very similar to the one that attacked Rito Village multiple times. He is also very intelligent in terms of battle strategy, evidenced by suggesting that he and his team to cover both sides of the stronghold belonging to the monsters and the Yiga Clan, to overwhelm in a pinch battle and he can understand the feel of the wind and notice something off, in the case of the Freeing Korok Forest Scenario where he felt an evil presence lurking in the forest, referring to Astor, the Hollows, and the presences of Malice blocking the way to the clearing. Despite being young, he has good leadership skills and the Rito military respect and answer to him.

Teba and Revali.

While it isn't super obvious, Revali does have a heart and is fully capable of empathy and deeply cares about the well-being of his friends and is loyal and devoted to them in every way. He expresses concern for Mipha when Purah points out her being nervous and he smiled at her when she relaxed. If Link takes significant damage from Windblight Ganon during the battle, Revali quickly reacts in distress and asks if he is okay. One of the Champions' Ballad secret dialogue with Revali after completing the challenge with Windblight involves him asking how Rito Village is faring since the Great Calamity and humbly states that it will always be his home. This side of Revali carried over to Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, where he will praise the warrior that he's paired with for their skills. As abrasive as he is, Revali surprisingly gets along quite well with his fellow Champions, showing clear respect for Urbosa, calling her a worthy ally and is very thoughtful towards Mipha and reminds her to look after herself, knowing of her healing power and how important she is in the team. Despite their differences, Revali can be nice and supportive to Daruk in battle when the two aren't bickering. He is shown to be very polite to Princess Zelda whenever they interact and seems to understand her problem. He also treats Teba with the upmost respect and they work well with each other; while Teba did not like what he saw, in regard to his interactions with Link, he does retain his respect for the Rito Champion regardless as they look out for each other and in the Divine Beast Vah Medoh mission where the two are together, Revali will ask about the Flight Range and how Rito Village is holding up and expresses relief that they're still doing well even after a hundred years and he is still remembered for his deeds. Revali’s opinions towards Link changes slightly after he and Teba were saved from Windblight Ganon and silently comes to terms with Link being the main hero. After Terrako was critically damaged during the climax, Revali showed sadness with the other Champions and is just as determined to destroy Ganon as Zelda ever was. He also encouraged Link with "Don't screw this up!" when he is about to land the last blow for Zelda to seal it away, showing some faith in him despite the earlier tension between them. Revali contributed to reconstructing Terrako and gives out a smile when it was fully repaired and responsive, and when Terrako visits him at Rito Village, he pets the little Guardian hello and permits it to ride on his back as he flies, solidifying their friendship and willingly gets into a group hug with his friends at Hyrule Castle. Terrako may have sometimes been such a pain for the Rito Champion, but it eventually grew on him considering the fact that it made a huge positive impact on Hyrule and the main reason why he and the Champions survived. Revali might not admit it, but his actions and moments of kindness to his comrades shows that he saw his fellow Champions as his friends.

Tulin thanking Revali for coming to his aid.

Revali's kinder, gentler side goes further as he is revealed to have a soft spot for children and wanted to teach the next generation of warriors the art of archery and summon updrafts that will give them a boost in battle and he eventually opened the Flight Range for the kids, which would uphold for the next century. In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC, Revali became concerned about Tulin, who disappeared in the forest and lets Teba know about it so they can search for him together. After Tulin is found, Revali meets the child and share a humorous introduction when the boy thought that Revali was just another Rito warrior, and Tulin continues to gush at Revali's skills, giving Revali reassurance that he is still remembered, even after a hundred years and the fact that none of them had broken his records from the archery competitions that he often took part in. The Rito Champion and the child quickly bond with one another; Tulin thanks Revali for saving his life, Revali replies with the compliment, "Hmph, you know, you're pretty good for a little kid." prompting the boy to announce that he will become just like him and master the Great Eagle Bow. Revali saw a lot of potential warrior traits in Tulin as he noticed that he is very brave despite being in a dangerous situation where it would have otherwise been very scary for kids his age and encourages Tulin to pursue that dream. When Tulin imitates Revali's persona, Revali started sounding a bit miffed before giving in to his joy and humor rising inside him by laughing happily with Teba and Tulin following suit, which in turn improved Teba's opinion on Revali significantly. After Tulin tries and messes up "Tulin's Tornado", and Revali gently tells him that he still has a long way to go. They spend time at the Flight Range where Revali has Tulin sleeping on his lap and preventing the blanket from flying away.


Revali's features are closely based on that of an eagle, with a wide wingspan, a golden beak with a brown tip at the end, tail feathers, and dark talons with white sharp claws. He has a slim body that is covered in mostly slate gray feathers with some of his white feathers on both sides of his head, wings, fingers, abdomen, legs, tail, and a tiny bit near the outer edges of his green eyes. He has yellow eyebrows with red patches around his eyes with and light red patches on his cheeks. He has four sets of braids with light brown ribbons woven in them and held together by jaded rings. For apparel, Revali wears traditional Rito-styled clothing consisting of a silver armor plate strapped to his chest and upper back, with shoulder pads covered in brown and beige feathers that has a gold end, which is decorated with light blue wing accessories that dangle below them. He has a white vest and a sleeveless red armor underneath and a brown belt below the vest and a dark brown belt around his waist with a light brown pyramid pattern. He has a beige zig-zagged kilt with a golden hem. He sports leg coverings with jade anklets at the bottom. Before becoming Champion, Revali wore a big white tribal scarf around his neck that had long tails containing the Rito symbol and red and white zig-zagged trim at the bottom. After becoming Champion, Revali swaps out the scarf in favor of the blue scarf that had the white Divine Beast Vah Medoh emblem on it. His Great Eagle Bow has a blue ribbon tied to one end as well.


End of the Timelines

100 years before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Revali's appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Princess Zelda arrived at the Flight Range after being told by the Rito civilians of his whereabouts. There she sees the struggling Rito making his ascent into the sky to perfect his gale, but he is soon caught in the wind and falls back down to the ground. As he struggles to get back up due to exhaustion and pain, Revali reprimands himself for the mishap and is very desperate to do it correctly and he soon spots the princess watching him. He calls her out for doing this and the princess apologizes as she explains herself. Revali suspects that she is there to recruit him to pilot Divine Beast Vah Medoh to counter Ganon and he accepts her request. Zelda was about to thank him before he interrupts her and makes another attempt at his gale. He was about to lose balance, but he managed to stay in the center as his ascent continued until he reached its peak and once, he locks onto three targets below him, he descends and readies his Great Eagle Bow and fires three Bomb Arrows at them, destroying them. Once Revali lands at the bottom, he used his gale and blasts the remaining targets as Zelda watches in amazement. Once Revali lands on the fence just outside the hut of the Flight Range, he lets her know that he is aware that he is playing a role in supporting a certain knight and goes on to tell her that if at any point this knight loses confidence as a result of witnessing Revali in action, she should not go crying to him about it.

Revali attends the Champion Inauguration Ceremony where he, Link, Mipha, Daruk, and Urbosa are dubbed by the king, official Champions as they now wear the blue cloths that Zelda made for them, For Revali, he now sports a blue scarf around his neck with Vah Medoh's emblem on it. After the ceremony ends, he hangs out just outside Hyrule Castle where he takes interest in Zelda's Sheikah Slate, and she explains that it has many uses and there are still secrets that have yet to be uncovered. Revali then passes it to Mipha to let her have a look at it. When Urbosa mentions that the Sheikah Slate can take photos, Mipha is intrigued and asks Zelda for a favor. Purah then has everyone gathered for a group photo and instructs everyone to get into position and once it was satisfactory, she takes the photo only for Daruk takes everyone by surprise by pulling them together at the last second.

Revali attends Link's ceremony where he becomes Zelda's appointed knight who will protect her everywhere she goes and is not liking how depressing her speech sounds and when Daruk comments on this, Revali reminds him that the ritual was his idea in the first place, while agreeing with him about how it's going and adds that he might be on the same page as the princess until Urbosa tells him to drop it and gives her two Rupees that Zelda sees Link as a reminder of her own failure, which is from Zelda's perspective anyway.

Revali shows off his gale to Link as he makes an entrance into the scene and begins to flaunt his skills to the Hylian knight, dubbing it superior and can dispense with Ganon. While he is honored by the opportunity to take part in keeping Ganon at bay, he is, however, unhappy about merely playing a supporting role to Link who was chosen to face Ganon directly only because he possessed the Master Sword, calling this scenario asinine. He then challenges Link to a duel and suggests Divine Beast Vah Medoh as their battleground, which is high in the air, and he taunts Link that without wings he can't make it up there on his own before flying off and taunts him as he leaves.

Revali was present at the East Gate when Link and Zelda return from Mt. Lanayru where the Spring of Wisdom was located. When he saw Zelda's distraught face, Revali looked concerned and distressed as he asked if results are the same as the other springs she trained at. Zelda confirms and apologizes. Urbosa tells her not to pity herself and suggests finding another way to awaken her power as anything could bring it to the surface. Mipha steps in and tries to console the princess and give her some advice that might possibly help before the ground suddenly rumbles. Revali then used his gale to soar to find out what was going on and is horrified when he sees Calamity Ganon surrounding Hyrule Castle with Malice. The other Champions deduce what happened and when Mipha asked if they were sure, Revali tells her that it was so. Daruk orders everyone to get to their respective Divine Beasts and Link to Hyrule Castle, which prompts Revali to look away upon hearing this. Urbosa insists that Zelda take refuge somewhere, but the princess refuses as she states that she has to do something, regardless, if she had her power or not.

Revali and the other Champions are not seen again after this cutscene. He rushes to his Divine Beast to start the counterattack, but he soon had a fatal encounter with Windblight Ganon who awaited him there, and tragically meets his end. His spirit was then sealed inside the Divine Beast. His death devastated the Rito greatly and the landing where Revali conversed with Link was named Revali's Landing in his honor to ensure that he and the events where his life was lost are remembered.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

During Breath of the Wild, Despite Ganon's imprisonment by Zelda, he could only take remote control of the Divine Beasts to cause misery to their respective tribes. In Medoh's case, it disrupted the Rito's way of life by shooting at them if they flew near it and they were forced to resort to walking instead to travel. After Link wakes up, he sets off to free the Divine Beasts and when he arrived at Rito Village, he learns of these events and meets with Teba, whom he teams up with to take out Medoh's cannons. Revali became aware of Link's presence and instructs him to get to the terminals to activate them so he can activate the Main Control Unit where Medoh can finally be freed from Ganon's control. After confronting and killing Windblight Ganon, Link activates the Main Control Unit and Revali's spirit was freed by Link a century after his death at the hands of the demon, he blessed Link with the use of Revali’s Gale to thank him before sending him on his way. He then conducts Vah Medoh to its firing position and waited for the battle between Link and Ganon admitting that Link is better than him. When Link finally faced the monster, he along with the other Champions fired a large laser beam in order to weaken Ganon allowing Link to destroy the physical form of the beast.

After Calamity Ganon is destroyed and Zelda freed, Revali is seen with the other Champions as well as Rhoam, silently bidding farewell to the duo before they finally leave the mortal world, their duties having been completed.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

The Calamity is Averted

A small Guardian named Terrako from the Breath of the Wild timeline had seen the destruction and travels back in time to warn Link, Princess Zelda, and the Champions of what is to come so they can get more time to be ready for Ganon's return by bringing their forces together. Ganon's Malice had followed Terrako and possessed the Diminutive Guardian resembling Terrako, becoming Harbinger Ganon, and wreaked havoc on all of Hyrule and makes sure that he remained successful.

Link and Revali in battle.

Rito Village had suffered repeated attacks that have been fended off by Revali and his countrymen, and they began to fear its return for more and had since been on high alert for Guardian activity. When Link, Impa, and Terrako scout Tabantha Frontier in hopes of recruiting a potential Champion, the Rito soldiers made Revali aware of their presence, believing that Harbinger Ganon returned, and he gives orders to wipe them out quickly and defend Rito Village at all costs. Revali swears to do whatever it takes to protect Rito Village and he won't give the invaders an inch close to it. Link and Impa are given a cold welcome from the troops and are forced to fight their way through, and the Rito Captain goes a step further to destroy the bridge, leaving them with no choice but to take a detour. Revali watches as many of his warriors are being taken out and resorted to dealing with them himself as he is the last line of defense. Link and Revali get into a duel, and he got Revali hurled into the barricade, but he quickly recovers and soars into the air and fires a bomb arrow, circles around and kicks Link into its path, but Terrako warns him, and it explodes in midair. Revali uses three more bomb arrows to create a smokescreen to get an edge, flipping upside down and attempted to shoot at Link's unprotected back, declaring himself better, before Princess Zelda pleads them to stop fighting, which they did, and Link is able to deflect a stray arrow which lands harmlessly on the ground. Revali then goes to explain the attacks against Rito Village by a Guardian similar to Terrako and is ashamed of his rash actions without thinking it through, he looks at Link with resentment; and he agrees to pilot Divine Beast Vah Medoh and becomes skeptical towards Link, asking if she is sure that he has what it takes. Terrako surprised all of them by declaring itself a knight to Zelda as well, briefly catching Revali off guard before dismissing them as ridiculous in a scoffing manner.

Revali with his bow.jpg

Revali's contempt towards Link escalates as they arrive at the outskirts of Korok Forest. Despite having been honored by King Rhoam of taking up the special task, he expresses outright distrust towards the Hylian by insulting and questioning his leadership without a second thought. Daruk stands up for Link, arguing that it doesn't matter who's the leader, but Revali gloats about Divine Beast Vah Medoh being the key to achieving victory over the Calamity, then goes back to taunting Link by calling him a "fallen knight", which an annoyed Urbosa firmly asking how long they will have to keep dealing with his prattle, before he summons Vah Medoh to take out the worst of the gigantic monsters and outposts that are around Korok Forest. After accomplishing all of this, Revali lets everyone know it's safe to proceed before joining them. A mysterious seer named Astor becomes aware of their presence. As they stroll through the forest, Mipha comments on the fog and Revali believes that they are walking in circles and Daruk replies that if only someone could fly up to find the right path. Revali snaps back at Daruk for acting before he thinks since he still wouldn't be able to see anything if he tried. They soon come across Hestu, who had tried desperately to get their attention and offered to help them through the forest but is afraid to get around on his own due to a monster infestation. Revali remarks that he can get around safely without carrying his maracas around, and Urbosa tells Hestu to ignore him and offers to protect him as he guides the group, which Hestu happily accepts. Revali shrugs but goes along with them anyway. During their expedition, they encounter strange pools of Malice blocking their way and encountered Malice copies of the four Champions called Hollows at the corners of the forest, which they fought in order to clear the Malice. Link and Princess Zelda are ambushed by Astor and just before Zelda is assassinated by the Hollows, Link pulls the Master Sword from the pedestal and its light stuns and destroys them. They battle Astor and the seer is eventually forced to retreat due to the blade's power and the Four Champions enter the clearing where the Great Deku Tree speaks to them. Seeing Link having been chosen by the Master Sword, Princess Zelda silently began to worry about her ongoing problem, since she still has not awakened her power, but the Great Deku Tree reassures her that her sealing power will eventually awaken, something the princess doubts.

Revali being bothered by Terrako.

Despite some monsters interfering their return to Castle Town, Revali and his fellow Champions were given blue cloths, with Revali swapping out his white scarf in favor of his new blue scarf and hangs out outside with his friends. It doesn't last long for Revali as Impa and Terrako began fighting and they got eventually too close to him, prompting the agitated Rito to leave the vicinity, saying "How asinine!". Sometime after, Revali began to prepare for the imminent arrival of Calamity Ganon as did those who wish to counter it. King Rhoam had all civilians evacuated to minimize the casualties upon learning that Ganon is returning on Zelda's 17th birthday. The Hyrulean soldiers have moved to Akkala Citadel and Fort Hateno to reinforce the garrisons, as the fall of any of these two strongholds would surely bring about Hyrule's fall.

Dr. Purah and Robbie are searching for more information from Terrako before they are suddenly taken hostage by the Yiga Clan disguised as researchers and Purah tosses the Sheikah Slate to Terrako telling it to take it to Zelda and it complies. Link, Impa, and Zelda were about to depart for Mt. Lanayru at the latter's last chance at waking her power, before they are interrupted by Calamity Ganon's return which engulfed Hyrule Castle in Malice. Revali witnesses the events from the Hebra Sheikah Tower and approaches the flickering portal, before the tremors startle him and the Sheikah Towers across Hyrule began to shut down, cutting him off from the other Champions, leaving him to fend for himself. With no options left, Revali boards Divine Beast Vah Medoh to take action, but he finds Windblight Ganon waiting for him, and they soon fought for control over Medoh and Windblight keeps Revali on the defensive by shooting lasers from its cannons when the Rito Champion tried to counterattack. Revali is then struck in his wing, throwing him off-balance, with Revali brushing it off as just a scratch.

Teba saving Revali from Windblight Ganon.

He watches helplessly as Windblight points its cannons at him and is about to deliver a fatal shot; but before Revali could meet his untimely demise as he would in Breath of the Wild, a time portal appears from Terrako, through Zelda's despair, and arrows emerge, throwing off Windblight's aim. Teba from the Breath of the Wild timeline emerges, having arrived to protect and back up Revali and the latter recovers and gets back into the fight and attempted to get some revenge by shooting bomb arrows from above, but Windblight deflects them. Both Rito warriors eventually find themselves at a losing battle, but Teba's support to Revali gave Link and Zelda enough time to reach them and forced the demon into retreat for a time being.

Revali and Teba

This kept Divine Beast Vah Medoh under Hyrulean control and Revali's safety is secured. Urbosa and the new arrival Riju also board Vah Medoh to thank Link and Zelda for saving them. Revali walks over to Link, giving him his begrudging respect and gratitude, to Teba's shock at how rude the Rito Champion was, but Urbosa tells him to hold back his opinions before asking Zelda what became of Hyrule Castle. Revali takes Teba to take out all of the outposts around Western Hyrule aboard Vah Medoh. Teba destroys the Guardians targeting Revali before firing bomb arrows at the others and is soon tailed by the flying Guardians; Revali returns the favor by taking out Teba's pursuers leaving Teba impressed by Revali's skills. Windblight Ganon and Thunderblight Ganon return in a last-ditch effort to kill not only Revali, but Teba as well and take control of Medoh, but Revali is able to destroy both of them and they are successful in destroying the enemy outposts. He later would help Urbosa and Riju take out all the monsters around Fort Hateno with the other Champions and their Divine Beasts when they were overwhelmed. It was there when Princess Zelda finally awakened her long dormant power in an effort to save Link from Astor and the revived Blight Ganons and Purah is safely escorted to the failsafe where she activates it to destroy most of the corrupted Guardians that make up the main part of Ganon's army, turning the tides in Hyrule's favor. After Link, Impa, and Zelda are able to protect the Great Plateau with the help of Master Kohga and his surviving Yiga Clan army, who were betrayed and had a lot of their members' souls sacrificed by Astor in order to revive the Blight Ganons, with Sooga's final fate remaining a mystery, Impa tells Zelda that someone is waiting for her in the Temple of Time, and she agrees to go look. She sees none other than her own father and his Royal Knights, whom she thought were killed by the corrupted Guardians and he explains that the device that she gave him was an Ancient Guardian Shield which he used to deflect the lasers and provided enough time for them to escape the castle before reconciling with her and rallying the army into opposing the Calamity.

Revali and Teba waiting for orders.

Upon reaching Hyrule Field, Purah activates the Sheikah Towers and summoned all of the armies consisting of Zora, Goron, Rito, Gerudo, Hylian, Sheikah, and the Yiga Clan and unified them to launch a full-scale assault on Ganon's army to take back Hyrule Castle. Later, Revali and Teba lead the air forces while the rest of the Champions lead the forces on the ground as they charge towards the castle where Astor and Harbinger were waiting. After the warriors defeated Harbinger Ganon and Astor, the latter's sanity breaks as he orders Ganon to kill the heroes before he is consumed by Malice and some of it latches onto Terrako, possessing it into turning against Link and Princess Zelda and they were forced to fight it. After Terrako was badly damaged, Link, Zelda, and the Champions mourn over its state, and she remembers her full history with Terrako through it playing her lullaby. The vengeful princess swears to bring down Ganon for good and they moved on to the sanctum where Calamity Ganon was waiting. The colossal beast proved to be invulnerable to their attacks, forcing Zelda to try to seal it with her power. Her light activates Terrako, who uses the last of its strength to climb the stairs and throws itself between the princess and Ganon, destroying itself and Ganon's invincibility, further motivating the Princess and her friends into fighting to the end and Link cleaves Ganon into two with the Master Sword and Zelda uses her power one last time, and was successful in sealing Ganon away restoring peace throughout Hyrule. Prince Sidon, Yunobo, Teba, and Riju are about to be sent back to their own time, but not without saying good-bye to their predecessors, and Princess Zelda vows to never forget the miracles that took place thanks to them and wishes them a brighter future for them as they depart.

Revali and Teba bidding farewell.

Link and his friends took part in searching for Terrako's fifty components, with even Revali contributing by teaming up with Hestu in hunting down a Bokoblin in Korok Forest who had stolen valuable resources and taking them back upon defeating it. After all of fifty components are brought together, Purah and Robbie put Terrako back together, but Terrako still wasn't functioning right, making them worry. Revali assures everyone that it's still trying to wake up from its nap, which Impa agrees with and tries to wake it up herself before Princess Zelda tells her to stop and stands in front of it. Her presence brings Terrako back to life bringing relief to the Champions and Zelda reunites with it. During the end credits following this, Terrako later pays Revali a visit at his village and Revali greets Terrako by petting it and letting it ride on his back, and Revali is seen again with all the warriors together and Daruk pulls them in for a group hug.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC, Revali spots a young Rito child in Korok Forest, but he quickly loses sight of him. He also noticed that his feathers are white and does not recall seeing a child like him in the village. He quickly tells Teba about the child and he grew worried and wants to find him. Despite being initially hesitant about Teba's state of mind, Revali lets Teba come along. Teba then asks questions about the child and Revali replies that he looks a lot like him and never saw a child like him in the village in his time. Teba seems to suspect who it might be but must first see for himself. They eventually find the young boy, whom Teba immediately recognized as his son Tulin. The child told him that the tiny creatures told him that it is a safe place. Teba refuses to leave Tulin on his own and the Rito Captain volunteered to protect Tulin on their way out of the forest.

Revali, Teba, and Tulin laughing.

Tulin meets Revali and tells him that he must be skilled just like the Rito Champion, and a flabbergasted Revali corrects him that he is not just like Revali, he is Revali. Teba introduces Revali to Tulin, addressing the latter as his son, which Revali is more pleasantly surprised and glad that he said something. The young Rito boy's praising of his skills had Revali guessing that no one still has ever broken his records yet, even after a hundred years. They make it to their destination, but it turns out to be a dead end. Revali laments over not being able to leave without the Koroks' help, but Tulin reveals a secret passage that leads the way out, impressing the grown-ups around him. After they were able to escape, Teba tells Tulin to thank Revali for saving his life. Tulin then stands before the Rito Champion and thanks him for his help. Revali smiles a little, replying that he is pretty good for a little kid. Overjoyed by his words, Tulin excitedly announces that he is doing lots of training so that he can be just like him, getting closer to the nervous Revali and hopes to master the Great Eagle Bow. Revali sighs and tells him that he could have been killed and he seems unaffected by the otherwise frightening situation for kids his age, but he adds that he may one day master the wind. Teba agrees, but he adds that he must first surpass his old man. Tulin imitates Revali's speaking patterns, making Teba laugh but stops himself as Revali asks if that was meant to sound like him. Their father-son bond and Tulin's idolizing of him warms the reserved Revali's heart as he starts to laugh for the first time to the point of holding his tummy, and Teba and Tulin join in laughing with him. Tulin then attempts his own version, Tulin's Tornado, similar to Revali's Gale but he falls to the ground with Teba walking over to him in concern and an amused Revali reminds him that he still has a long way to go, affectionately calling him "kid".

Revali and Tulin bonding.

During the secret DLC ending, Revali, Teba, and Tulin relax at the Flight Range where Revali is cradling the sleeping Tulin on his lap as Teba watches, and stops the blanket from blowing away, with Teba chuckling at how much they've bonded. During the last scene, Revali, Mipha, Urbosa, and Daruk are back into their original attires and Impa asks Princess Zelda if she is okay with all of this, and Zelda agrees before jumping off the Sheikah Tower and floats away with a paraglider with Terrako joining her. Princess Zelda and Terrako enjoy the sights as they go, appreciating the beauty of Hyrule which everyone fought so hard to protect, making all of their efforts worth it.


  • Revali frequently holds his Great Eagle Bow with his right wing and pulls the bowstring with his left wing; meaning that he is left-handed.
  • Revali is the only Rito who can easily wield the powerful Great Eagle Bow, as its weight is known for dragging down the speed of other Rito who tried to use it. This shows that Revali is the strongest Rito in his time.
  • Revali is the only Champion who had to develop and master his ability; Revali‘s Gale. The other three Champions have already had their powers since birth.