Retro Game Challenge is a Nintendo DS video game initially released in 2008. The game features a variety of original video games that look as if they were created in 80's (this is deliberate). In all the game includes eight video games to play, which range from a variety of genres including shooters, RPGs, racers and platformers. The critically acclaimed video game was inspired by the Japanese TV show Retro Game Master, whose star (Shinya Arino) gave plenty of input into the development of the games.


In the game, you are sent back to the eighties where you have to complete multiple challenges in fictional games. In all each of the eight games feature four challenges. After you complete all four challenges of a game, you will be rewarded with a new game to complete. The game features various fake magazines called GameFan that have monthly issues. The issues feature news, strategies, articles and interviews. Each of the eight games have their own manuals as well.

Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate is the first of the eight games you'll play, and the only one you can play in the beginning of the game. The game is very similar to the arcade classic Galaga: it's an up down fixed shooter that only allows the player to move left and right. You'll shoot hordes of enemeis that come soaring down at your ship. Every once and a while you'll be required to fly through an asteroid field and shoot as many asteroids as possible to increase your score. The four challenges you must complete are:

  • Get to level 5
  • Use two warps
  • Destroy a giant asteroid
  • Score 20,000 points
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