Reflector is a move in the Super Smash Bros. series that can be performed by Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi and Wolf O'Donnell. It is a defensive move that will reflect any projectiles or opponents, and possibly harm them at the same time. It is their down B move, and when executed a blue shield (red shield for Wolf) will surround them for a split second.

Differences across Roster

Each version is different. The Fox version is a simple blue hexagonal shield. He can hold it for as long as he wants and it slow his descent midair. Fox could jump out of this move in Melee. The reflector reflects at 1.5x. When used near an opponent in the first few frames, the move does 6% damage and sends them down and away. In Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U, the move has more endlag and lacks semispiking capabilities.

In Melee, Falco had a similar reflector, except it sends opponents upwards, which led to more combos with up tilts and aerial attacks. In Brawl, it was changed so that Falco kicks out the Reflector. The device still reflects at 1.5x but, it cannot be held out. At low percents, the Reflector can trips oncoming foes. The move has higher hitstun and faster in Smash 4, making it a better move.

Wolf's version is red and in an elliptical shape, but it generally functions the same as Fox's. It also reflects projectile at 1.3x but also reflects things faster. The reflector is activated on frame 1 with a couple frames of invincibility and a small 3% zap to oncoming foes. If held, the move does not have the damaging effect so Wolf can easily hit with melee attacks. The also does not reduce Wolf's falling speed.


The likely origin for the move comes from the Arwing's ability to reflect lasers. However, in Brawl, this ability was made into a piece of equipment invented by Slippy.



  • Big Reflector - A Large size for the shine but, decreases the damage modifier to 1.2x and pushes instead of dealing damage when in contact with foes.
  • Amplifiying - Increases the damage multiplier on reflected projectiles by 2.1x. In exchange, it cannot stall midair, it deals no damage or pushback when in contact with foes and has increased startup


  • Accele-Reflector - It only reflects when going forward, but sends projectiles back faster. The reflector is now purple
  • Reflector Void - The Reflector does more damage but destroys absorbable projectiles. Nonabsorbable projectiles are still reflected but at .75 damage. The reflector is now purple too


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