The Rec. Room (also called Rec Room, short for recreation) is a special area found inside Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64 DS. It is located on the second floor on the right wing, features a drawer of colored boxes, every one containing a minigame that the heroes, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario reveal as they catch the Rabbits that are wildly running around the castle, holding the keys that open the drawer's boxes, after talking to the Toad in the Rec. Room. A Toad looks after the room and hosts the minigames whenever the player wants to play in the Rec. Room. Each character has nine minigames: the first two are for the characters themselves and the other seven are unlocked by catching the Rabbits, making it a total of 36. The room contains other things like a piano, some Koopa Shells, Blocks, Bob-omb toys, and Stars around, and a Mushroom-styled table near the entrance of the room. Most of these minigames are reused in New Super Mario Bros. (which have multiplayer along with some new ones). There is also a painting of the secret level Sunshine Isles, and in the back of the Rec. Room is the door to Peach's Bedroom, containing the 8-Star door, with the entrance to Mario's painting, Goomboss Battle, where one of Luigi's Rabbits is located.

The music that plays on the Rec. Room's minigame menu is an arrangement of Grass Land's map theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.

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